If you want all the amazing benefits of Intek’s Evolutionary Fit Stack but don’t need or want to be supercharged to get you ready or motivated to train, then try the simpler, NON-STIMULANT version that will having you shedding pounds in no time with no concern for any unnecessary energy that you may not need or want in your quest for the leaner, fitter you. Like a sports car redlining down the track, your metabolic rate, calorie expenditure, and fat burning potential will be maxed out at an all time high. The challenge of dieting is put to rest as the hunger cravings you had before are gone. With essential dietary fats preventing backsliding and promoting breakdown like fat loss was going out of style, you can’t lose. Best of all, you’ll detoxify your body, organs, and blood. Now along with your new lean physique, you’ll have the great blood work to match. Evolution is still only a simple purchase away.

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(NON STIMULANT): Detox, Non Stim, CLA