The iron is slowly but surely crushed under the weight of your strength and fortitude; plates packing the end of your barbell as if your next set were chronicled from some fabled tale of Herculean proportions. You are about to experience what can only be deemed as a workout of legends. If only the gladiators of Rome had such performance enhancing supplements in their era, history may have been rewritten and the name Intek would be etched into the sands of time with the fiercest, battle-hardened champions ever born. Energy that is simply unmatched until science finds something better, strength and endurance that just doesn’t quit, and pumps that would leave our famed Arnold Schwarzennegger scratching his head, are yours to call your own. Better workouts equal better gains in lean muscle tissue. With you now pushing past the physical boundaries you thought unreachable, success is inevitable. These cutting edge ingredients reinventing the wheel will forever change your standard for what a REAL workout truly is. You better be ready.

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