Real training requires real recovery. Every smart weight trainer or athlete knows that step one is break the body down, and step two is take advantage of nutrient timing for muscle repair and rebuilding. This latter phenomenon is always a much longer process than the 1 or 2 hours spent killing yourself in the gym. You wouldn’t build a race car and forget to put in gas and change the oil, so don’t spin your wheels training hard and not recover as effectively as possible. With huge doses of critical healing ingredients, this stack is meant to drastically increase amino acid uptake and promote muscle growth while preventing breakdown and reducing soreness better than anything else on the market. You’ll train longer, harder, and stronger, every workout of every day. Before this stack, there was a line; a red light that told you when to stop. Now, there is only the next set, and results that WILL follow. If you are ready to build muscle “24/7,” stop skipping critical pre and post-workout nutrition and start seeing the best results imaginable today.

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The Evolutionary Recovery Stack:
Post Workout 2lb, Glutamine 900 gram, BCAA