AVAILABLE IN 900 & 300 gram SIZES!

Aids in protein synthesis
Prevent muscle catabolism
Maintain cell hydration and volume
Speed healing and recovery
Replenish lost nutrients after workouts
Boost natural Growth Hormone levels
Strengthen immune system
Maintain intestinal health
Mixes easily by itself or with your favorite drink


If you’re looking to prevent muscle breakdown and make the most of your workouts without dipping into your precious muscle for amino acid requirements during hard training, jump into the evolution of muscle recovery and try GLUTAMINE EVOLUTION! Each serving of GLUTAMINE EVOLUTION contains 4 advanced forms of glutamine - Glutamine Peptides, L-Glutamine, Glutamine Ethyl Ester (GEE) and Glutamine Alpha Ketoglutarate (AKG). Glutamine Evolution is perfect for reaching your goals to increase your lean muscle growth, prevent muscle breakdown, and trigger a positive nitrogen balance within muscles which will help decrease body fat and maximize your recovery up to 400% over other basic glutamine supplements.

DESCRIPTION: Glutamine is arguably one of the most important amino acids for the body’s daily functioning. Although considered a “conditionally essential” amino acid because the body does manufacture and produce glutamine daily, regular exercise and resistance training can deplete your body of its vital glutamine stores and leave you depleted, with less hope of quick muscle recovery. Glutamine supplemented daily can keep your immune system functioning at its optimum and prevent muscle catabolism during those crucial times throughout the day when we are trying to build new muscle. Glutamine has also been shown to prevent harmful free radical buildup in the body which can keep you on the fast track to better health and wellness. Besides losing critical glutamine stores during workouts and not getting enough sleep, an improper diet can also leave you lacking. Glutamine is often used as cellular fuel for your ever important immune system and when supplemented daily will minimize the breakdown of muscle tissue, help improve protein metabolism and enhance your muscle recovery while reducing soreness.

SUGGESTED USE: GLUTAMINE EVOLUTION can be taken 2-4 times daily as needed. When taken before and after your workouts, GLUTAMINE EVOLUTION will help fight fatigue from harder training and prevent muscle breakdown while inducing muscle recovery immediately. The goal is to keep the body in an anabolic muscle state all day, every day. So to ensure a positive nitrogen balance around the clock, take upon waking (after the night-time fast) and before bed for increased effectiveness and recovery so you’re building muscle while you sleep.