120 Capsules

10 times stronger than ephedrine
Insane amounts of energy without the common “jittery” side effects
Ignite ultimate thermogenesis
Crush hunger cravings for easier dieting
Blast through workouts with more endurance
Increase mental focus and workout intensity
Speed up your metabolic rate
Burns fat cells
Increase lipolysis


INTEK THERMOGENIC EVOLUTION brings you one of the most revolutionary fat-burning products to ever hit the market. With an incredibly unique proprietary blend of herbs, extracts, amino acids, and stimulants, your body will have no choice but to start shredding body fat quicker than ever before. This is not your everyday fat burner though! INTEK HAS PUT TOGETHER A PRODUCT 10 TIMES STRONGER THAN THE OLD EPHEDRINE BASED PRODUCTS, WITH NO COST IN MIND. If you are looking to lose as much body fat as possible from your exercise and diet regime, crush hunger cravings, speed up your metabolism all day long, and have more energy to fuel longer, tougher workouts, without the “jitters,” then INTEK THERMOGENIC EVOLUTION is the product for you. With a super-dosed blend of fat burning ingredients, you will be breaking down more stored body fat than ever, and using it to fuel your exercise to new levels. For those looking for more energy, more focus, and more weight loss out of your cardio, the answer is here.

DESCRIPTION: In order to truly burn body fat, it is essential that one consume fewer calories than the body burns at rest and during exercise. Thermogenics, also known as “fatburners,” aid to help do just that.  Beyond simple dieting and cutting calories, one needs to find a way to convince the body and the metabolism that fat is an effective source of fuel to burn off during exercise, as opposed to your hard-earned muscle, rich in amino acids, and much more readily available as quick energy if needed. INTEK THERMOGENIC EVOLUTION acts as a catalyst, by getting stored body fat to be burned off when energy is expended.  It will also allow more calories to be burned off during the day through a process called uncoupling. By increasing your base metabolic rate, or the rate at which the body burns calories in general, not only will you be burning more fat during exercise but on your days off as well. This is good news for exercise enthusiasts because ultimately, THERMOGENIC EVOLUTION not only then acts as a catalyst for weight loss to help shuttle fat into your body’s energy factories, but also allows for more fat calorie release both during and after periods of energy expenditure. Best of all THERMOGENIC EVOLUTION can effectively shrink the size of the fat cells currently residing within you. Curbing ones appetite and crushing hunger cravings also goes hand in hand with weight loss; fortunately for you, THERMOGENIC EVOLUTION has been shown to do just that. This means more weight loss from your cardio, more fat burning potential daily, and more energy, with less trouble dieting due to the aid of appetite suppressants to curb hunger cravings and prevent binge eating.  

SUGGESTED USE: Due to the strong nature of this product, start with 1 capsule per day to test tolerance. Slowing work your way up to taking 2 capsules 2 times daily for maximum effectiveness. Don’t worry if you don’t ever reach 2 capsules 2 times daily, as this product will still work for you. Take your first fat-scorching serving upon waking and again in the afternoon or about 6-8 hours later. Drink at least 8-16 oz of water with each serving and 1 gallon of water daily to prevent loss of electrolytes and minerals during exercise. Do not take the product within 6 hours of sleep. CONSULT WITH YOUR DOCTORE BEFORE TAKING THIS PRODUCT OR ANY OTHER DIETARY SUPPLEMENT.