450g (30 servings)
Mango, Tropical Punch & Sour Apple

Instant Energy Without The Crash
Specialized Fat Burner
Decrease Body Fat
Enhance Mood
Suppress Appetite
Packed with Fiber
Low Calorie
Refreshing Taste
Support Faster Metabolism
Decrease Water Retention


DEFINE EVOLUTION is INTEK’s newest addition to the ever-popular, fat-burning series that laid our claim to fame. With a new approach and a specialized weight loss system utilizing instant delivery capabilities, you now have the fastest working fat-burner on the market. Capitalizing on the most effective thermogenic properties, metabolic support, and water-shredding ingredients, you’ll be leaner and more defined as quickly as possible. With practically instant energy that will have you pushing the best workout sessions of your life, INTEK has truly reinvented the wheel with this powerful, powdered, weight-loss aid. Best of all, you’ll get the included health benefits of fiber, CLA and there are practically no calories to slow you down. As the name implies, with fat falling off you faster than ever before, you’ll be energized and ripped in no time with DEFINE EVOLUTION.

DESCRIPTION: This comprehensive matrix of ingredients is truly meant to encompass all the facets of fat loss and improved cardiovascular functioning. Define Evolution was designed to maximize thermogenesis and lipolysis, while controlling hunger and supporting a faster, more efficient metabolism. Best of all, it’s as simple as one scoop a day in water! Fiber, Fibersol 2, and Inulin are included to improve gastrointestinal functioning and increase the absorption of minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron. CLA, or Conjugated Lineolic Acid, is known and well documented for its many health benefits as a lipid powerhouse. It has shown anti-cancer properties, cholesterol-boosting abilities and is correlated with body fat loss, especially in the belly area. L-Carnitine, is an amino acid with fat burning properties. It transports fats into the mitochondria of cells, so they can be broken down to obtain usable energy. This means more fat loss from the exercise you perform. Tyrosine is used as a precursor to neurotransmitters and is linked to improved focus and mood, aiding in your efforts for more intense exercise and more efficient workouts. Guggulipids are extracted from tree sap and are involved in metabolism support and inhibiting cholesterol synthesis. Kelp is a type of seaweed that is rich in antioxidants and most importantly, iodine. Kelp is believed to stimulate a thyroid hormone which is responsible for boosting your metabolism by returning iodine levels to normal. Caffeine and N-Methyl Tyramine are included as central nervous system and metabolic stimulants and are used to reduce physical fatigue and to restore alertness. They can produce increased wakefulness, faster and clearer flow of thought, increased focus, and better general body coordination. Synephrine, like caffeine, has a myriad of benefits such as increased caloric expenditure, increased energy levels and is known as a potent fat burner. Ginger Root, Cayenne Pepper and White Willow Bark complete the natural, thermogenic-blend of ingredients and further support a metabolic increase and help to suppress appetite. Dandelion Root, Buchu Leaf and Juniper Berry will allow for a natural diuretic and detoxifying effect to help reduce water retention. Lastly, a handful of the B-Vitamins are added for energy and to keep your metabolism functioning optimally. Together, all these active ingredients comprise one of the most comprehensive and effective fat-burners on the market with a “feel-good” energy that will have you loving your workouts in no time.

SUGGESTED USE: As an adult dietary supplement take 1 serving, with 6oz-8oz per day, either upon waking or 30-60 minutes prior to exercise.